Not sure if Plate Blocker is effective? Many major media outlets and countless satisfied customers have proven that it works! See for yourself...

Tested by the Denver Police Department

In an independent test, the Denver Police Department confirms that our products render a license plate illegible to flash-based traffic cameras and photo radar!

CBS News Early Show test

The CBS News Early Show tests Plate Blocker and discovers that it works!

Confirmed by NBC News

KXAN 36 NBC News tests Plate Blocker and says "the reflection blinded our camera!"

ABC News report

An auto parts store in Washington D.C. sold more than 700 cans of license plate reflective spray before noon!

"... applied to license plates to make them hyper-reflective and unreadable when the camera flashes."
"... defies laws that preclude motorists from placing covers over their license plates but have no provisions for a clear spray."
"... the spray proved effective at producing a glare over the license plate."

- The Washington Times

"... you can make your license plate vanish in a flash…"
"The clear high-gloss spray coats the plate. When the cop-in-a-box flashes to take a picture, the plate reflects the light so the plate shows white in the photo.

- The Plain Dealer

"... it will hide your license plate from red light cameras…"
- CBS 29

"Surprisingly effective…"
- FOX News Channel

"The unnerving beauty of this product is that ... there is no way you can spot a license plate that has been sprayed with the solution."
"... the spray is invisible to the naked eye. Only the red-light camera would find the plate unreadable."
"... hides license plates from traffic-enforcement cameras at intersections..."

- The Los Angeles Times

"... license plate spray cancels out red-light cameras..."
- Delaware Online

"... conducted a road test... was effective..."
"We'd have to shut down... all of our red-light cameras are at major intersections," says Capt. David Mellender of the Fairfax City Police Department, which uses seven red-light cameras. "And if it does work, we don't want them to know about that."

- The Washington Post

"... makes license plates illegible to traffic enforcement cameras.."
- The Wall Street Journal

"Rear-end accidents have shot up at intersections with cameras..."
"The drivers who swear by them claim that they have run red lights and not received tickets."
"... obscure the license plates when photographed..."

- The New York Times

"... the latest tool to help drivers... police are not amused..."
- ABC News

"... a hit with drivers."
- Daily Mail

"... beats traffic camera tickets in a flash..."
- Chicago Sun-Times

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News Flash

No more red light camera tickets

The vast majority of speed cameras and red light cameras employ a strong light flash - day or night - to photograph the license plate on your car.

Plate Blocker's specially-engineered formula produces a high gloss when sprayed on your license plate that reflects the flash back toward the camera. This results in an overexposed image of your license plate, rendering your plate number unreadable in the picture. With Plate Blocker, your license plate is virtually invisible to traffic cameras yet completely visible to the naked eye.

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Why you need it: Red-light cameras malfunction

CLEVELAND -- One of Cleveland's red-light cameras went on the blink at one of the city's busiest intersections, adding fuel to the fire for drivers who already don't like the cameras. The camera that malfunctioned was located at East 30th Street and Carnegie Avenue, and drivers wondered if they'd get a $100 ticket for doing nothing wrong.

Thousands of motorists pass through the intersection every day, and most, if not all of them, were obeying the law when the camera took their picture, something the cameras are supposed to do when a motorist runs a red light. But when it malfunctioned, even when the traffic light was green or at a complete standstill, the cameras still flashed. It got to the point where you could time the flash every 15 seconds, then every 10 seconds.

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Proven effective

Chicago Sun-Times

"... beats traffic camera tickets in a flash"

- Chicago Sun-Times
Fox News Channel

"Surprisingly effective..."

- Fox News Channel
CBS News

"... the reflection blinded our camera."

- CBS News
The Wall Street Journal

"... makes license plates illegible to traffic enforcement cameras..."

- The Wall Street Journal

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